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TV Supply & Installation


TV Supply & Installation

We stock a large range of quality televisions at competitive prices with 4K HD high definition up to 72 inch wide. Makes include JVC, LG & Philips. We stock surround sound systems (JVC, Philips & LG), dvd and video player/recorders & home cinema entertainment systems.


If you would like us to install the TV for you we will carry out the following service:

  • Check that your wall is strong enough to hold the bracket.
  • If the wall is sound we will attach the bracket to the wall and mount your TV.
  • Cables will be left neat and tidy.
  • Any accessories will be hooked up and if it’s a smart TV we will even connect it to the Wi-Fi for you.

The Sonos Family of Hi-Fi Audio Products

Sonos works with your typical home internet router, creating its own wireless mesh network (basically, its own compartment within your Wi-Fi, so there’s no bogging or slowing down your internet connection) to blanket your entire home—with each room having its own audio ‘zone’—in the golden sounds of internet radio (Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, Sirius XM, Beats Music, Rhapsody, etc.), your own carefully and painstakingly-arranged (and totally perfect) collection of songs on iTunes, or literally any wireless radio station in the world.

A Sonos ‘zone’ is set-up to be infinitely-customizable, so every room in your home can have a different audio setting and play various pieces of music all at the same time: a movie’s soundtrack in your son’s room, a party-mix for the Saturday night BBQ out back, your daughter’s favorite music in the living room—the free, proprietary app will allow you to control all these scenes at once, all from the palm of your hand.

Sonos’ learning app will even memorize and index all songs from your home music library. It can also be integrated with a turntable, CD-player, iPod, or an analog music player to boost them to the best sound possible. And while Sonos still may be the new-kid-on-the-block, they are a new and elegant breath of fresh air to the formerly-stodgy whole home audio business.