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Solar Panels



Solar Water Heaters

Save on electricity cost and protect the environment with the highest technology MEGASUN solar water heaters.

The MEGASUN solar collectors and solar water heaters are globally known for their excellent quality, great performance and resistance to any conditions, allowing economy on power and thus protection of the environment.

Guaranteed Endurance Next To The Sea

Most solar water heaters are manufactured with black or painted sheet metal, materials that corrode and have a short life span, especially in areas close to the sea. The MEGASUN storage tank has an exterior polygonal casing made from anodized Aluminium, which is extremely durable to ultraviolet rays, in humid climates, and in coastal areas.

The Megasun Does Not Freeze

The advanced design of the sealed jacket around the storage tank in the closed system of the MEGASUN Solar Water Heater guarantees the operation of the system in freezing conditions and also secures the collectors against corrosion and from interior clogging.

It Secures More Hot Water In The Winter

The strong polyurethane insulation with 50mm thickness and high density ( 40 Kg/m³ ) guarantees the consumer more hot water for use even when the temperature outside is -30º C.

Hot Water Even With Clouds

All MEGASUN units have an auxiliary heating element with an adjustable thermostat to ensure your hot water supply in cloudy days. This electrical resistance, can be fitted with a tube exchanger (upon a special request) which can be connected to the Central Heating System and which can be activated in days of prolonged cloud cover, achieving in this way the saving of energy up to 85%.